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Ning Li has interest in Chinese antiques started over twenty eight years ago, when he was studied in UK. He learned the knowledge from the international experienced dealers and peers. It was great opportunity for him to learn and practice with them. Especially work closely with Robert Kliener, has made Ning become one of the experienced dealers in the field, it also give him the unique position to both buy and sell worldwide.Whether you are beginning your time as a collector or have been involved for many years, Ning Li will offer you expert advice. Ning Li's business now takes him around the world to purchase and sell Chinese antiques he works worldwide as a consultant for collectors and auction houses.

Ning Li London specialties are Chinese Late Ming and Qing porcelains, jades, bronze censers, snuff bottles and works of art. 

We buy all Chinese antiques, banknotes and coins. We are PMG,NGC Authorised Dealer. 我们是PMG和NGC指定代理商。

Ning Li London opened new shop in

Unit 12, 58-60 Kensington Church Street
W8 4DB


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